Why is my payment failed?

Reasons & Suggestions

If your payment for the order is failed,please check it is not due to the following situation:

(1)Card security code failed.

(2)Insufficient fund.

(3)Exceed limit.

(4)The-3-D security is failed.

(5)Verification failed.

(6)Card expired.

(7)Do not honor.

(8)Invalid account

(9)Unstable network.(If yes,you can check your network)

Here are some suggestion for you.

we suggest that you can check it to the issuing bank.

If you are very interested in your items,you can change another credit card or Paypal to complete your payment.

Also you can ask your family or friends to help you place order.

Here is the link about how to place order and  you can know about it

Purchase guidelines:


If you have any further question,please feel free to contact us.


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