How to deal with the back order?

A back order means that there is/are a not-in-stock item(s) in your order.


When your order is on back order, we will try our best to get the items in the stock and ship to you.


We will send you an email to let you know once the item exceeds the restocking date.  Then you can choose to wait/refund/change option for the not-in-stock item(s) through this mail within 24 hours. Over 24 hours, you can contact us to do wait/refund/change option.


If your order has already been exceeded the expected dispatch date. When you receive an email from us, please click on the button to process the order:

To exchange; to wait; to cancel the item(s). Then we will do it for you.


The simplest way to deal with the back order, is to contact us, please click the link

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