How To Use Credit

                                                      Find In-Store Credit and Use it

Find your in-store credit points:

You may have credit points in our website , the credit points can be used when making order on our website (100 credit points = $1). Here we show you where you can find your credit points.


Step 1 ,

Login in with your in-store account and password :


Step 2,

Find your account :cefcd447d32b8385.jpg

Step 3,

Find your credit :5f78cdda1ae55a3e.png

Step 4,

Click in to find the detailed credit points :ccc64b5e004e374f.png

Step 5,

Check the detailed credit points :b6825b1606746b77.png

Here we show you where to use the credit points when making order online :


Step 1,

Add all items you need in the cart, then proceed to check out :94197dd189cbc819.png

Step 2,

Filling in your shipping address and choose a shipping method, then you find your credit points and blank to apply it :ad06347adc8f4fb6.png

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